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A Letter From Our Founder

Grata is a riff on “gratitude”. Our entire reason for being is about giving praise and recognition for a job well done and the advancement of human beings that praise can empower.

Even our logo based on the iconography and color scheme of a gold medal and a blue ribbon – this denotes success at work and acknowledgement for being great. Even the chevron shape denotes rank (and the subsequent acknowledgement) in the military. We are about recognition, praise and the advancement of human beings. This is our “North Star”.

In identifying, recruiting and interviewing prospective candidates for employment, the Company shall (1) base its employment decisions on skills and experience, without regard to race; color; religion or creed; sex; gender; national origin or ancestry; marital and partnership status; sexual orientation; gender identity or expression; or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law; and (2) ensure that at least one-third (but no fewer than one) of the candidates identified and interviewed for any executive-level position with the Company shall identify with one or more of the following historically under-represented groups: Black, Latinx, women, and LGBTQ. We will have a workforce that accurately reflects the communities we serve. That is not a slogan or even an aspiration  but rather a company mandate.

Lastly the era of remote working has brought us all a newfound appreciation for work life balance, family engagement and the ecological benefits of reduced strain on our environment and beloved planet. We pride ourselves in being a native-remote company. We will offer a work at home option for any role where appropriate. People first, place last.

Mark Butning

Mark Bunting

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