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Accelerate Your Revenue, Boost Your Reputation, Retain Your Employees

Grata’s five-star recognition platform publicly recognizes your best workers through real-time customer feedback. Why not show the world how great they - and your business - are?


Great for the Soul; Great for Business

Capturing customer praise from amazing employee interactions drives significant business outcomes.


Rapid Revenue Growth

5-star reviews, repeat customers, new fans, and a team that's appreciated and loyal combine to drive significant business growth.

Repeat Business

Great experiences lead to rabid fans … fans who come back again and again. Create a culture of accountability and ownership!


Retain your Rock Stars

Appreciated employees equal retained employees! 70% of employees who quit their jobs owe it to feeling unappreciated.

Reinforce Accountability

Instant customer feedback leads to greater accountability. Use Grata's analytics to praise rock stars and coach those who need it.

Recognize Stellar Teamwork

Some of the most impactful feedback comes when one team member praises another. Teams that praise together, amaze together.


Ramp your Brand Reputation

A strong history of amazing reviews accelerates your brand's reputation and dramatically improves your online search (SEO) results.

Rave TripAdvisor & Google Reviews

Reviews on 3rd-party platforms mentioning someone by name is 2X more likely to be positive. Grata drives more of these reviews.

  • “Grata is the Anti-Yelp. It allows people to build this wall of good feedback that we not only benefit from as a business, but that continuously encourages our employees to do better.”

    Brian Kelly, Proprietor and General Manager, Grata Member Since February 2020

Empower Your Employees & Customers to Accelerate Your Business!