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Grata is the five star recognition platform that connects the best workers and customers by acknowledging how awesome they are!

For Business Owners

Discover a New Way to Engage Customers & Employees

Grata is an employee recognition platform that provides data on your frontline employees and deepens your relationship with customers. Get the data on your top performers and discover opportunities to grow!

For Career Builders

Grow an Unbeatable Profile of Positive Customer Experiences

Finally, a way to document all the great customer experiences you create by virtue of your great work. Memorialize all your positive customer exchanges, build a list of your customers to follow you wherever you go.

For Everyone

Build Your List of Favorites & Get Rewards

Keep up-to-date with all those great people who make your life better with great service. Grata gives you a connection list of your favorite servers, sales clerks and others who take great care of you.

Take Control of Your Career