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Wow, You are Great!

Real-time Customer RECOGNITION of Individual Frontline Employees drives REVENUE, RETENTION, RECRUITMENT and brand REPUTATION. And it’s simply the right thing to do.

The Grata platform is a five-star recognition platform connecting customers to the best workers by acknowledging how awesome they are!

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Hard Workers Get Recognized, Businesses Build Stronger Brands

Eighty (80) million service-sector employees in the U.S. have no permanent record of their hard work or accomplishments. There is not a LinkedIn for those of us who serve food, repair cars, babysit, work in retail or make your morning coffee. Until now... The Grata platform acknowledges the efforts of the largest working class in America. Customer-facing team members get a public record of your amazing work. Customers build a list of people who treat them best. Businesses finally have real-time feedback on the great work your team is performing!

For Business Owners

Discover a New Way to Engage Customers & Employees

The Grata platform helps your team focus on being great and allows everyone to participate. Real-time performance analytics on last mile customer-facing employees - based on direct feedback. Drive higher long-term value and loyalty through a deeper, human customer-employee relationship.

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For Career Builders

Record an Unbeatable Profile of Positive Customer Experiences

Record all the wonderful feedback you get for doing a great job and build a contact list of YOUR customers. You can notify regulars when you work, show a prospective new employer your performance or simply ensure you're getting recognized.

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For Everyone

Follow Your Favorite Team Members

Never again have to ask, "what was the name of that awesome server?" Where does she work again? The Grata app and platform allow you to praise others and grow a connection list of your favorite servers.

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Give and get “thank you’s” for a job well done to those deserving. We all need to hear "thank you and good work."

Build Your Connections

Your best customers, your favorite servers and sales clerks - now at your fingertips. Let them know when you work - or when you are coming in.

Get Your Rewards

Whether it's a pay raise, a better job from your reviews, or receiving free stuff for giving Gratas, the community rewards YOU for participating.

Empower Your Employees & Customers to Accelerate Your Business!